Fire Department


The Gore Volunteer Fire Department (GVFD) maintains a membership of 16-20 firefighters who are responsible for the fire protection of citizens and property within the town’s limits.

Gore’s ISO classification/rating is 7.* The fire department seeks to better this rating and its service to the community and is constantly looking for ways to upgrade its equipment and fire hydrant system. Members of the GVFD take advantage of special training seminars and bring their techniques to the scene when duty calls.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, contact our town administrator or a town council member. Our firefighters often serve proudly for many years before retiring with special recognition. We greatly appreciate their brave service to our community!

*The Insurance Services Office (ISO) surveys communities on a regular basis to determine the Public Protection Classification for the fire protection services protecting the community. The Public Protection Classification is used to gauge the ability of a local fire department to respond to fires. A community’s fire protection information is collected and analyzed by ISO using its Fire Suppression Rating Schedule. A classification of 1 to 10 is then assigned based upon the results of the survey. Class 1 is the best rating, and Class 10 is basically an indication of no fire protection. The ISO Public Protection Classification is used by the insurance industry in determining insurance premiums for many properties within the community.

A variety of areas are examined when ISO conducts their survey. They look at the community’s water supply, dispatch (communications) center, and fire department. Each entity receives a rating, and in the end those ratings are considered together to determine the final Public Protection Classification.