nCourt is the only online payment option with whom Gore Public Works Authority (GPWA) has an agreement. 

Other online, third-party payment options (like may appear to be affiliated with Gore Public Works Authority (GPWA), but they are not. We cannot control IF (or when) we will receive any payments from entities like We receive no notifications a payment is being processed–that a third-party check has been mailed on your behalf–possibly resulting in a late payment or even disconnection due to non-payment. To make an AUTHORIZED online payment to GPWA, only use the nCOURT portal  accessed via this page.

Payment will be reviewed during GPWA’s regular business hours. Therefore, your payment may take between 72 and 96 hours before being processed and approved OR rejected by Gore Public Works.

Note: Gore Public Works Authority does not accept payments online to reconnect service or use as meter deposits. All reconnection payments or meter deposits must be made in person through Gore Public Works Authority.

No payments of an amount less than the total amount due will be accepted.

You will need to have the GPWA account number (maximum of four digits) from your bill when making your online payment. (We do not accept payments for any other entities, including nearby rural water districts = make sure we are your water utility provider before paying your bill!).

If you have questions about the amount owed, please call GPWA at 918-489-2483. Bills are due on the 10th day of every month unless that date falls on a weekend or holiday, then it is the next business day. The TOTAL DUE UPON RECEIPT is the amount you pay on or before the due date. The PAST DUE AMOUNT includes the 10% late fee, which is applied the day after the due date. If the total bill is not paid by the 25th, your service will be subject to disconnect and a $50.00 reconnect fee and $15.00 water service charge will be charged per meter.

There is a non-refundable service fee for processing payments online. If payment is rejected, your processing fee will NOT be refunded. GPWA receives no money from this processing/convenience fee. This fee is 5% ($2.99 minimum). You will see the fee you will be charged before submitting your payment.

To make an ONLINE payment to Gore Public Works Authority, please complete the form/s via the “pay online” button below. You may also access the portal via  Payments are processed through nCourt. Customers who opt to make payments through the online system provided by nCourt must accept and abide by the nCourt Terms of Service and Conditions. The Town of Gore/Gore Public Works Authority does not guarantee or accept or assume any liability for any payments made through nCourt.

Other Payment Options

There are several ways other you can pay your water bill:

1. You can drop your payment off at the Gore Municipal Complex in the Utilities Dept. Office. We accept cash, check, money order or credit card. Or you may use the drop box located at the corner of our parking lot (201 S Main St). You can also call us with your credit card information (918-489-2483). Credit card payments made directly to/through our office do not incur a convenience fee.

2. You can mail a check or money order to Gore Public Works Authority, P.O. Box 329, Gore, OK 74435.

3. You can set up a monthly automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account. Sign-up forms are available at the GPWA Utility Clerk’s office or download this document: debit authorization agreement – ACH aka direct draftPlease remember to include a voided check when returning application to our office.

4. You can use your bank’s online Bill Payment. Your bank will mail us a check – this is NOT electronic. Your payment is usually received about 7-10 days after it is setup to pay. Contact your bank to ask them about their bill payment system.